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As a consumer, one of the most challenging things to do is to find a reputable source for what you want. Nowadays, companies pop up all the time on the Internet. Reviews are faked. Poll results are skewed by bots. It’s nearly impossible to know who you can actually trust. This is one of the reasons why we began this website a couple of years ago. We wanted to be able to point people to reputable companies who weren’t going to scam customers out of their hard-earned money. If you’ve been looking for an online supplement store that you can trust, we’re going to recommend that you check out Natural Health Source.

Natural Health Source: We Buy From Them!

In full disclosure, we buy from Natural Health Source. We also do get a commission for referring customers to them. But, we also take their supplements on a daily basis.

Why would we take their supplements daily if we get all kinds of stuff mailed to us from different companies? Frankly, we trust their products. We’ve taken the time to do our due diligence prior to putting such a heavy endorsement behind this company. We looked at each one of their product offerings and evaluated whether or not we thought that their supplement formula matched what they said it would achieve. In every case, the results exceeded our expectations.

What’s So Great About Their Products? 

“Alright, guys… We get it. You’re fans of Natural Health Source. But, why does that matter to me?” you may be asking. Consider Natural Health Source to be the one-stop-shop for any man or woman who wants to improve or maintain their good health. It doesn’t matter what type of supplement you’re looking for; a multi-vitamin that’ll keep you healthy, sexual health supplements, brain supplements, anti-aging supplements, skin care, you name a major category of health and wellness and their products are the industry standard.

In fact, other companies buy from Natural Health Source on a wholesale basis to sell in brick-and-mortar stores around the globe. You’ll have to pay a premium when you go to a store, or you can buy it at a better price directly from Natural Health Source.

An Enormous Selection of Health and Wellness Products

Their product selection is vast, so if you’re looking for a specific solution, it’s likely that they have one. The Natural Health Source product line includes:

  • Men’s Health
    • VigRX Plus
  • Women’s Health
    • Provestra
  • Sexual Health Supplements
    • Prosolution
  • Anti-Aging Supplements
    • GenF20
  • Brain/Nootropic Supplements
    • Brain Pill
  • Skin Care Products
    • Skinception
  • Hair Loss Products
    • ProFollica
  • Weight Loss and Muscle-Building Supplements
  • General Health and Nutrition Supplements

We’ve listed just a handful of their actual supplement lines, because to list each product would be pretty overwhelming. Once you’ve taken a look at their product list, keep coming back as your existing supplements start running low so you can start doing some shopping.

Endorsed by Real Medical Doctors, Not Stock Photos

One of the dirty tricks we’ve discovered that companies will often do is throw a photo of a doctor onto their website and make up fancy credentials for them. Then, they’ll tell you that this doctor has fully endorsed the product that they’re selling. Unfortunately for the consumer, it’s all fake. No such doctor exists, and no doctor has endorsed the product line. Sadly, the consumer has spent money on a product that was sold on false pretenses.

The difference between the majority of supplement companies and Natural Health Source is the fact that they have obtained actual doctors to review their supplements. Take VigRX Plus, for example. Dr. Steven Lamm is a well-known doctor of internal medicine who specializes in urology. He’s appeared on television shows like The View to discuss sexual health issues. He’s a real guy, with real medical credentials.

Another major product of theirs, Brain Pill is a nootropic supplement that has a dual purpose. It helps improve your brain health while also giving you the mental sharpness that you need to perform at your best. Your humble writer (Brandon) actually took 2 capsules of Brain Pill with lunch today and is still feeling the effects as I write this article a few hours later.

On the Brain Pill website, there’s a video of Dr. Dave David (yes, funny name!) who has been a physician for 37 years, and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. In this video, Dr. David explains the benefits of Brain Pill and goes into detail for several minutes as to why he decided to endorse this supplement over all the others that approached him.

Yet another huge product for Natural Health Source is GenF20, an HGH supplement. Three medical professionals give their full endorsement of GenF20. Dr. Steven Lamm, who was mentioned with VigRX Plus, Dr. Jeff Hill, and Dr. Anna Lepeley. On the website, they give a video testimonial explaining why they chose to recommend GenF20 to their patients and clients for their anti-aging needs.

We’re experts at reading the fine print on websites. Site owners are pretty darn creative at stretching the truth, such as using quotes from other doctors regarding an ingredient and representing that it’s about the supplement they’re trying to sell to you. Natural Health Source doesn’t do this with their products because they simply don’t have to. When you have real medical doctors and health professionals speaking on camera, explaining the science behind the product and why they overcame their skepticism to recommend these to their patients – it matters.

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Buy Discreetly, Buy with Confidence

We decided to do a little experiment a few weeks ago. Over the last few months we had received some of Natural Health Source’s products to test for their effectiveness and quality. These products didn’t cost us anything. But, in order to see what their sales process was like, we decided to go onto the website and order just like a regular customer would.

We were curious if the box would arrive onto our home doorstep with something embarrassing on the front. We were confident that it wouldn’t, but we wanted to be 100% sure just in case they put a product name on the box. The box arrived quickly from Natural Health Source in a box labeled “Leading Edge Health,” which is the company in Colorado that owns the website. That’s all that was on the outside.

No sticker labeled on the outside screaming “male libido pills and female libido supplement enclosed!”

Next, we wanted to try out their customer service line to see if they were as friendly as people said they were. Not only was the knowledge of the customer service representative impressive, but she helped to explain in a kind and understanding way how to best use each supplement so they’d be most effective. As a man it can be uncomfortable to discuss sexual health with a woman, but this representative was a top-notch professional. If you want to speak with a man, they have several men available to answer your questions if that makes you more comfortable.

Why a 67-Day Guarantee?

You can buy from Natural Health Source with confidence because of their 67-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Why 67 days? Once you order from their site, it could take a few days for you to receive your products depending upon the shipping option that you choose. Then, you want to take the supplement for at least a month for you to decide how your body reacts to it. Everyone’s body chemistry is different.

Some people react one way to supplements, other people may react another way. In the rare case that you feel zero effect from the health supplement you use after a month, you still have a month to return your product for a full refund. Simply call up their customer service line and explain your situation to the customer service representative and they’ll help you through the return process.

Save on Shipping: Buy in Bulk

A tip for those of you who want to give a new supplement a try is to buy in bulk. Not only will your cost per unit be less, you’re going to save a bunch of money on shipping costs. Those of us who are writers absolutely love Brain Pill, so each of us picked up a 3-month supply last week. It was a fantastic deal and we couldn’t turn it down. If you’re not satisfied with the supplement, you can always use their money-back guarantee. We’re confident that you won’t need it, though.

Natural Health Source ships across the United States and to most countries around the world. There are specific restrictions based on products, so be sure to check in advance if the product you want can be shipped to your country if you live outside of North America.

How to Buy from Natural Health Source: Where to Start?

Alright, so you’re set to buy some quality health supplements from Natural Health Source, but are wondering how to buy from them. It’s quick and easy because they accept orders via the Internet, phone, or mail (does anyone still use the mail?). Be sure to use the source code on our website so that you can get the best pricing possible! We’ve negotiated special deals for all of our readers to keep you all coming back to our website time and again.

Click on the banner below and it’ll take you directly to Natural Health Source. If you’re a man, you can’t go wrong trying VigRX Plus. Be sure to read our VigRX Plus review to learn more about it, and see why it is that we’re such fans. For the ladies, Provestra is a fantastic supplement. Be sure to read our Provestra review to learn about it in greater detail.

If you’re not looking for a libido enhancement supplement, but are looking for a supplement to help you regain a pep in your step due to age, check out our GenF20 review to learn more.

The Skinception line is fantastic for both men and women. In fact, I may or may not have taken the Kollagen Intensiv cream for myself.

We could continue on about each of their product lines, but you should explore them on your own based upon what your needs are. As of the publication of this review, we’e gone through several of Natural Health Source’s major product lines, so you can learn about each one in detail here on Supplement Journal.

Natural Health Source: A Rare Company In a Shady Industry

The supplement industry is shady. It’s the reason why we began Supplement Journal. Natural Health Source is a breath of fresh air in a world of shady characters who are trying to steal your money with inferior products and shady billing practices. There’s a reason that Natural Health Source has been in business since 2001.

In the supplement world, that’s an eternity because most companies have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission or other government entities for their business practices.

Natural Health Source is a reputable company who actually cares about taking care of their customers. It’s evident in their quality products, customer service, and their 67-day 100% money back guarantee. Instead of trying to find loopholes to screw over their customers, they’re trying to help their customers… and we love that about them.

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